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Saturday, January 22, 2011


what to ask for in my wish list from Torrid!
I'd just like to share with you some things that I'll be reviewing in the next couple of days.

Red Pleated Short Sleeved Dress

I like the red dress with the zebra tights. Oh and trust that I WILL be recreating this exact look as soooon as I get the dress!

I will most definitely be pairing this with skirts and my tank short romper!

Turquoise Rosette Pencil Skirt

THIS SKIRT IS EPIC! I'm going to wear the shit outta you<3 href="">
Olive Corporal Blazer

This blazer could have had a better shape but I cannot pass up adding this color to my wardrobe!

I have the blue jean version of these and I have to say, most comfortable bottoms EVER! They 're not only in this grungy grey, they also hold you in up top which is nothing to complain about.

Gold Leopard Leggings

I actually bought them in a size smaller and realized they didn't fit like I wanted.
I LOVE this print though so I'm going to get them in my correct size and keep it gucci ;)

(love this outfit!)

If you liked any of these items, click on their titles and it will lead you to :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


20% off of booties?! GO TO TORRID.COM NOW!

Torrid & Magna Fashion sittin' in a tree

It seems like all of my hard work is finally paying off! The company Torrid has decided to send me clothing of theirs to review and I couldn't be any more excited or honored. I plan on doing more reviews and even giveaways in the very near future.

I want to let you know that everyone who is following this blog and commenting are the ones who really got me here. I hope you continue to grow with me and my projects because I'm telling you, this is JUST the beginning.

They've asked me to make a wish list and to send it to them on the last week of January.
Here's what I've come up with:

If you have any suggestions about what I should review, send me a link, drop me a line, tweet at me or you know, you could just employ the comment box below!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Months Favorite Outfit

I recently decided to award one outfit a month the MY FAVORITE OUTFIT award and I know it's only the 11th BUT I'm pretty sure nothing will top this for me.

So this is how it began.

I just wanted to take some shots of my arms in all of their fat glory and I threw on this dress from Torrid. I decided the belt would be something a little different to pair with a sassy black dress. I was right, but it was GOOD different. I took a few photos with the dress off but ultimately decided that a cardigan wouldn't hurt. Also added my hand mirror necklace

Then I put on the ring ya'll

and then I just set it off around my apartment.


We're fucking doing it.
I don't care if you lace legging's it up or even do tights, just do it.

Top Photo
Skirt - Target
Tank - Forever21+
Long Vest - Torrid

Second Photo
Skirt - H&M
Tank - H&M
Cardigan - Target
Scarf - Alloy
Belt - Torrid

I'm already ready for Summer as you may have seen in some of my tumblr posts but I swear I can taste it!

Oh! and lemme tell you about my romper(s)! They're both from Torrid, one of them has a sleeve but the other is a tank romper. Both look great with belts, blazers and cardigans. OH AND FUCKING FLANNEL!

THE VERSATILITY (which I will show you nothing about but trust me theres more than one way to play this baby.)


****I wanna give a shout out to the new belt I bought from Torrid, it's an olive color and really adds to a bunch of my outfits; from skirts to rompers to slacks, this belt not only adds color it but because of it's braided feature it adds some boho chic.