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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Torrid & Magna Fashion sittin' in a tree

It seems like all of my hard work is finally paying off! The company Torrid has decided to send me clothing of theirs to review and I couldn't be any more excited or honored. I plan on doing more reviews and even giveaways in the very near future.

I want to let you know that everyone who is following this blog and commenting are the ones who really got me here. I hope you continue to grow with me and my projects because I'm telling you, this is JUST the beginning.

They've asked me to make a wish list and to send it to them on the last week of January.
Here's what I've come up with:

If you have any suggestions about what I should review, send me a link, drop me a line, tweet at me or you know, you could just employ the comment box below!


  1. ahh, I was on the website yesterday & fell in love with those first pair of leggings!

  2. I have those lace leggings and I love them but I don't know what to wear them with. They are see through and it's freezing here in MD, I was thinking of stockings under them but idk. I love those leopard leggings and that gray lace top! Just discovered your blog and I love it!