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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've decided it's unleash....the moey :)

It all started this morning when I was putting on my hair hat, it's long flowing tresses frizzy and dry looking. I hate how one month of wear and I'm ready to re-up but beauty costs booty(the pirate kind) and I'm not one to go out looking less than. Recently, however, I've missed the simple pleasures of natural hair, you know; the wind tussling my bangs, running my fingers through a just washed mane of curls and then there's the whole sexual aspect of things (you know he aint finna grab mah yaki!)

All of these things set in motion, at 2 o'clock when I got off of work it was straight to the curling iron and hot comb to get this do, did.

Here are some photos of me and my new hair plus, as I'm sure you'll notice, my outfit is VERY New York, yum.

Faux Leather Jacket -
Striped Dohlman Top -
Leopard Leggings -
Pointed Flats - Payless
Scarf - H&M summer dress (I thought it'd make an exciting fall piece)

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