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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

super grungy.

I'm in a mood, deal with it.

I wanted to be fat Jenny Humphrey okay?
I grayed out my eyes with Mabelline's Snow Eye Compact, kept my brow bone clean and created a shadow around my eyebrows.
Then came IMAN's RED red lipstick, it's everything you could want in a red and EVERYTHING you could want in a lipstick, it's wet, doesnt dry your lips and costs 10$ at your local Target. GET IT.
Cheeks are swept with FOREVER COLOR's Dynamite eyeshadow, I find it works better than actual blush since it's so pigmented and I don't do bright colors on my eyes normally.
OH and if you couldn't tell, I totally liquid eyeliner'd my lower lash line, if I can't grow it I'm gon' design it.


Vintage Glasses - Urban Outfitters
Faux Leather Jacket - Torrid
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Dress - Faith 21
Pointed Flats - Payless

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