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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


(sassy ;*)
I'm going to start this off with admitting to you that I do not wear red. I do not consort with the color unless it is in harmony with other power colors (i.e. blue, black, white). I'm not sure when I made this decision but I assure you it has been in effect my entire life.

Recently I met a friend named Nikki who is also plus size, fabulous and FASHIONABLE. It's like eating an entire cake and then finding out it was just 10 calories(that shit doesn't exist, do not be whoever is going around with cakes and lying about caloric value...right). MOVING ON. (nikki)
Nikki and I immediately started to swap clothes and Saturday was when I got this sweet fuckin red button down.

When I first saw it, I was like "ehhhhhh buhhh isssss redddd!!!" BUT THEN I STOPPED BEING A PUNK BITCH *deep breath* and realized I looked pretty great. BALLERIFIC even.

I paired it with the skirt I bought at target this summer and instantly fell in love. True fashionistas love when an outfit

I have yet to pair it with any accessories but I feel like earrings wouldn't make a difference and a necklace would be in competition with my boobs...perhaps a barrette? I'll figure it out.
The shoes are kind of a conversation piece, they're grey box flats with MAD DIMUNZ.
I'm feeling kinda jazzy about them. I can't lie. I know you feel it too.

So, these are a few pics of me just getting my Niaomi on, enjoy:

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  1. OMWord. Adorable outfit. Not a big fan of red nor pink myself. But if paired w/ the right color, I'll rock the shit outta it.